Friday, March 2, 2012

Jean-Marie Périer Photography

     Color portraits of famous stars of the Sixties, from Mick Jagger to the Beatles.
" He's a friend of the boys ", these words used to open doors for him. As a matter of fact, Jean-Marie Périer was the friend of all the singers who were popular in the 60's: from Johnny Hallyday to Mick Jagger, from France Gall to the Beatles. After having worked for a long time as a film director in the United States and in France, Jean-Marie Périer has turned again to photography in the late 90's and has been working among others for "Elle" magazine, "Paris-Match" and "Le Figaro magazine". His photos of the Sixties were shown in a major exhibition in Paris in 2001. His prints have been sold to major collectors. He is represented by La Cinquième Galerie in Paris and the Fahey Klein Gallery in Los Angeles

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